10 Signs a Date Has a Wife

When attractive, wealthy, nice gentleman make you feel uncomfortalbe

You started dating an attractive, wealthy, and nice gentleman who seems like he is too good to be true. As much as you would prefer to stay positive, you notice some things that make you feel uncomfortable. You suspect that there just might be someone else he is seeing, and what you fear is that the other woman just might be his wife. So how do you know?

Well, if you are determined to get to the truth you will need to set him up for a series of tests. You will also need to be patient because trying to find out whether a man is married is going to take some time especially if he has learned to hide his secret life quite well. If you have already performed a background check on him, then you may have learned already that he either once shared or is still sharing some property with a woman. If this is the case, consider this he is still attached to someone. Now if he is open about this, you will also need to learn more. Is there a divorce on file for him? If not, he is still married or somehow connected to the individual.

Other things you will want to take notice of follows.

1. He pretends as if he doesn't know a woman who he has been seen holding hands with, kissing or shopping.

Take the time to introduce your mate to relatives and friends if you haven't already. It is only a matter of time that someone you know will see your mate out and about with someone else.

2. He never talks on his phone in your presence.

Observe whether he acts strangely when a call comes to his phone. Does he find a reason to leave your presence each time someone calls? If so, he has something to hide.

3. He tells you he is often traveling due to job responsibilities, yet you discover he has been in town.

There are those jobs that do require much travel, but have you done any research on his job title or the company he works for? Nowadays, it is very easy to find out what a job entails online. You can also find out information from former employees. If you suspect that he never left town, then why did he attempt to make you think he had been gone the whole time? Because he was spending time with his wife and possibly children especially around a holiday season.

4. He calls or comes around only during certain times or days.

A man who doesn't have any obligations to someone else will often be available emotionally and physically. However, if there are limitations on when he comes around, how long he stays, and other odd behaviors, then know there is someone else.

5. You are never able to reach him when you need him and sometimes a day or two will go by before you hear back from him.

You want to believe that the man you are in love with is not cheating, but ask yourself, "If he is really in love with me, why is he not answering my calls right away? Why do my text messages and voice mails often go unanswered? Why is he always making excuses?"

6. He has a ring line around his ring finger.

This is obvious and if you choose to ignore this sign, expect the consequences that come when you mess with a married man.

7. There are signs that a woman sits in the passenger seat of his automobile.

From her hair to the lipstick she leaves on her side, she has been around for awhile. Sometimes a woman committed to her man will leave clues for other women to let them know that he is married or in a serious relationship.

8. You notice markings on his body that show he has been having sex with another woman.

Try leaving your own set of markings on his body and watch how he reacts. Is he over-the-top about you sucking on his skin, nibbling on his ear or scratching his back? A man who isn't seeing someone else or planning to have sex with another woman will have no problem with a small mark on his body. If there are marks already on his body, then it is obvious you aren't the only one he has been sleeping with.

9. He often tells you stories about a former partner, but sometimes he slips and talks about her like he is still in a relationship with her.

10. He provides specific details on when you can or can't come around his job, home, or elsewhere.