Sugar Baby to His Lady

More than just an arrangement

He comes to her rescue during hard times. He shows concern and makes her feel special. The more he gives, the more she trusts in him. She tells stories of her life while keeping him hoping, wishing, and waiting for the day that they will become more than just friends. It isn’t that he wants to be her boyfriend, at least not yet, he will settle for the Sugar Baby, Sugar Daddy arrangement for now—he gives her money then one day she starts giving him sex.

Not every Sugar Daddy wants to remain a Sugar Daddy, if they find someone they really want to be in their lives on a more permanent basis; they will mention their thoughts of wanting something more than just companionship with that one exceptional Sugar Baby. The idea of committing to one woman doesn’t turn every Sugar Daddy off. There are still some that like the idea, because it means they can depend on that special someone to be there, not only for good times, but bad ones too.

The Sugar Baby has to earn her way just like any young lady interested in dating a gentleman. She can’t assume her beauty alone is going to get her far in a relationship. She knows she has to do some things to help her and him to get what they want. If it is a relationship that she hopes to have or a marriage, then she knows it is going to take work to keep her Sugar Daddy interested.

For some Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy arrangements, an unexpected pregnancy will move some things along a little faster whether the relationship begins or ends. If both agree that they are dedicated to the relationship and the baby, the arrangement may evolve into a committed relationship. Yet, sometimes this doesn’t happen and all the Sugar Baby will become in the Sugar Daddy’s life is the Sugar Baby with his child or “baby’s mother.” Sometimes a Sugar Daddy is married and has no plans on getting a divorce and later remarrying. If this is the case, the Sugar Baby is a paid mistress.

A Sugar Daddy, who is single with the hope to one day find a wife, just might, when he starts focusing on his spiritual needs and not so much on his fleshly ones. He will find that there are good women out there who know what they want and no amount of money will keep them happy. Rather, some of these women seek to be more than just a Sugar Baby, and hope to one day be his Lady.

The following are signs you might notice when the arrangement seems to be going in a different direction:

1. The Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby will begin to converse about the future while carefully choosing words like: “We…us…family…have a baby…commitment.”

2. When he/she talks about wanting more than just money and sex.

3. The Sugar Baby or Sugar Daddy begins to act jealous about each other seeing other people.

4. When there is a desire to meet relatives and friends.

Take into consideration what you are noticing and ask questions. Make note of what you see and hear and share your feelings.