7 Tips on Being a Good Sugar Daddy

Respect yourselves and each other.

You decided to be that go-to person in a young woman's life. You told her what you wanted and she in turn shared with you what she would like from you. This mutual arrangement where you supply her financially and she provides intimately is eventually going to evolve into something more whether you are ready or not. However, when it does, avoid the temptation to go from being the Good Sugar Daddy to being a bad one. Now for some men, they are already bad, yet they hope to become sweethearts one day.

1. Talk to your Sugar Baby.

Good Sugar Daddies know how to charm their women. They speak well of them and ask questions about all sorts of things. They put their women on a stage and let them shine! From asking them each time they encounter them, "How are you?" to "Is there anything that you need?" Makes these darlings feel special.

2. Meet her needs.

A man that makes a promise and doesn't keep it is usually black-balled in men's groups and elsewhere. Well the same holds true in the Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby relationship. If he says repeatedly he is going to help the young lady with things like her car, college textbooks, tuition, wardrobe, or other things, she is going to expect him to keep his word. If not, the Bad Sugar Dad will have one less sweetheart on his arm.

3. Avoid bringing up her past.

A Sugar Daddy who wants to keep a young lady around is going to watch hurting her feelings with things he may or may not know about her. He doesn't want her bringing up his life history; therefore, he isn't going to make her feel uncomfortable shaming her. Rather than be critical of her, he will encourage her to make better decisions moving forward while helping her. The bad Sugar Dads make rules but don't show how to apply them. Oftentimes, they break their own rules, so when the Sugar Babies see this sort of behavior, they eventually drop their Sugar Daddies.

4. Find it in your heart to forgive.

A Sugar Daddy knows he is dealing with young women and that they will make some mistakes. He isn't going to berate, ridicule or abuse them because they were getting wild at a party, spent too much cash, or forgot to call. All is forgotten, he just cautions her and when she messes up again, he knows how to cut her off. However, the best Sugar Daddies just forgive and continue the relationship as long as he gets something out of it.

5. Teach her how to be independent.

Eventually, the Sugar Daddy knows his Sugar Babe is going to want to do more with her life besides be under him. So he will teach her new things related to her interest or purchase the tools necessary to help her in life. A controlling Sugar Dad won't do much of anything except keep her dependent on him.

6. Be a good friend.

Above everything else is a quality friendship that the Sugar Daddy has with his Sugar Baby. They will have sex sometimes or frequently, but both know that more has to come out of their partnership besides the obvious. So the Sugar Daddy will model what believes a good friendship should be. If he isn't mean-spirited and selfish, the Sugar Baby just might walk away from the relationship with much wisdom as a result of watching her Sugar Daddy be a good friend to her.

7. Don't lie.

When a Sugar Daddy lies it can be a hurtful experience for the Sugar Babe, so he tries to avoid lying. He knows that the relationship won't be the same and he will do nothing more than create an insecure partner, so he speaks truth. The truth will hurt sometimes, but he is determined to keep a honest partnership going with his Sugar Baby so he isn't secretive, doesn't cover up every deed his does with a lie, or keeps the Sugar Baby hanging on to him with some false story. He allows his young partner to make a decision whether she wants to be with him or not despite his flaws.