Sweet, Sexy Sugar Babies Know What They Want and How to Get It

The "Red Dress" (Ms Sexy) - Seduction

You saw her, the woman in the red dress with the long, wavy blonde hair whether on the television screen or off. She is a man's fantasy girl with a fit body, round breasts, flat stomach, and long legs that seduce while walking in high heel shoes. Admirers think of ways to approach her with flattering comments and impressive promises. This gorgeous dame exudes confidence. She is a temptress, a sweetheart, and as deadly as a snake if you don't play your cards right!

Some young women or Sugar Babies have been skilled by the best adulteresses, wise teachers, and professional dating consultants that just might look like the example described previously. They are not just any woman walking down the street with groceries or children in hand. These women do what they do to get what they want from awe-struck men. Their driving needs to better their lives are far greater than the images these sexy women portray. Oftentimes underneath all their beautifully decorated make-up are wounded souls that just want to be loved, but after years of being hurt by men, these women become nothing more than a fantasy, robot or puppet for the highest buyer.

Ms. Sweet, Ms. Sexy, and Ms. Sugar Baby can be all three women in one. The damsel in distress knows how to call on her personas depending on the type of men that are willing to assist her. She is aware of what is required from her, so she does what she can to please her companion while drawing on one or all of her personality traits. Some of these Sugar Babies unfortunately have mental illnesses.

Men that don't think too deeply about their lovers' life plights aren't concerned much about what makes Sugar Babies tick. Just so long as they have money to pay and service with a smile, why worry about anything else? However, those men who are sincerely curious about these young women, so willing to do just about anything for material wealth, will wonder, and those with a conscience might want to make these pretty young women their life partners, but don't count on it.

A Sugar Baby is someone's daughter, possibly mother, and a best friend, but her support system is useless. In many cases, the mature women in her life encouraged her to get linked up with someone who will provide for her, because the mother/grandmother/aunt/guardian knows she can't meet the young woman's needs. In some cases, a father is emotionally and/or physically detached from his daughter turned Sugar Baby. The Sugar Dad brings life to Baby when he shows her attention and affection. He makes good on his promises and treats her with respect unlike her father. Unfortunately, there are many older men going through personal crises that they become nothing more than emotionally and/or physically abusive toward their Sugar Babies.

Guilt has a funny way of turning into hatred in some of these Sugar Baby and Sugar Daddy relationships, but of course, not all. When one feels bad about what he or she is doing to self or others, a rage starts to swell up in one's spirit and it isn't long before the dating illusion wears off and the relationship comes to an end. A Sugar Baby relying on her Sugar Daddy is the typical relationship. There will be highs and lows and sometimes an obsession with one another especially when one or both has become accustomed to getting needs met promptly. When the Sugar Daddy withdraws from the Sugar Baby or vice versa, it is almost like a drug addict wanting his or her next fix depending on the relationship, when will he/she come around again with needed supply? One just might do anything to obtain it! Therefore, know your Sugar Daddy and Sugar Baby well. Protect yourself mentally and physically in this arrangement.