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"4 Million+ Members - Thousands Online!" - Inside - is different than the MillionaireMatch sites and looks a little bit like an affiliate page nice in white and modern look (Logo) and many registerd users (4 Million). The first impression is that Sugardaddiefinder is a huge Webpage with lots of information about various sugardaddy- and millionaires topics as there are reviews of other sites included:

A closer look revealed that most information is quite compressed and the site looks bigger at is is, the Reviews are shorty but give a nice quick summary of the Dating Sites. But most reviews are not profound and provide no technically information, for example, just compare the Review of with ours:

Nevertheless we like the modern Design and Logo which convinces to registration. Password here (unhidden) is only 16 characters strong, we had max. 30 so far from Millionairematch. Funny here that we have an equal gender search: Male / Male and Female seeking Females is possible here so sugarbabies can find sugarbabies and sugardaddies can find other sugardaddies. Country is given (via IP), the rest is standard, interesting is the Height which is set via slider. Looking for is availible between 20 and 99 years:

After registration there was no approval of the Profile and no confirmation needed. Right away payment occurs. Also 2 Chatwindows pop up out of nowhere and communication is only possible if payment is done. It was easy to find out what is going on here shortly after repetition (reload) of the Browser-url: The next chatinquiry is from our City, Zug ;-) What a coincidence:

The 3rd reload advanced more inside the page and again nice hot girls want to chat how easily to mention that these are all ready Videos to convince Sugardaddies to pay instantly. Now confirmation is needed:

The inside is quite stylish and modern, nice setup with icons makes the site look very "alive", chat pop ups with hot Girls will nag you again and again. Pictures from hot ladies are given in fullsize und very good quality which is either full fake or on the other side - absoultely sexy gilrs online like in heaven - that would be worth (dozens of) payment but we will check out later if this is a really hot, interesting Sugarbaby/Sugardaddy- or a real fakepage:

Photo Upload is fast and modern with password protection and description - The Site features are quite amazing at first. But we more and more realize that everything is set up professional for just one thing for sure: Your money ;-) It´s quite clear that there are lots of "animated Women" around as none of these ultra hot women would sit in their room with a PC just writing "Im Horny" etc. So these sey ladies are paid for their job already but on the other hand there is no doubt they might seek a sugardaddy or Millionaire:

There are 4 Ladys from Zug displayed where definately can be said that no one has seen them in Zug before as the City is quite small. Compared to the Pictures are very good and sharp in the highest resolution so far. There are only very hot girls aged below 30. Funny incident to mention that later in the search results suddenly men appear although (of course) we set up male searching for females in the registration so this must be a result- error or the Site wants to show other "competitors" to make you pay quickly.

Another Profile this time the bigger Picture has a lower resolution. You must make your own opinion and decide whether this Profile is real or not:

We found an interesting Video with about 90.000 clicks which is quite well for the Sugardaddy Topic:

Wayback and Traffic show rather poor results compared to seekingarrangement or Millionairematch. The Domain is online since 2001 we found lots of Adsense and no records at all between the years 2005 and 2009 but a big hype from 2011-2013. Keyword Percent of Search Traffic: 1. rich dating 24.34% - 2. arrangement finders 11.21% - 3. whatsyourprice 7.68% - 4. seekingmillionaire 5.52% - 5. wealthymen 5.47%:


Main Review:

Since 2001 over four million people have signed up with, according to the website. Sugar Babies interested in finding a benefactor that will help pay the bills visit this site. A Sugar Daddy who is willing to meet these young women's needs usually receives companionship and sex.

Registering at is free the process is simple. Create a display name, password, email, who you are seeking, and select the arrangement type. Not only are there Sugar Dads and Babes, but there are also people interested in casually dating, having affairs, long-term commitments and traveling partners. Include your birth date and agree to terms, wait for email confirmation, and then you are on your way to creating a profile and browsing the website. You might want to use an email other than your main one, because you will receive a variety of email from the dating website as well as third party advertisements, special offers, discounts, and more.

The website loads okay, but other sites load much faster. The front page provides much information and looks professional. The headshots are nice to view, but many look similar to model or actor photos. You can see right away why someone is on the site from the text underneath each photo. One of the drawbacks is you can't see any profile information without joining. But this is also a good thing for those individuals who would prefer to keep their profiles discreet. When you create a profile you will find it is similar to other sites requesting information about you, interests, etc.

Also on the front page, you can learn more about a Sugar Daddy, receive dating tips, and check out Frequently Asked Questions via clickable links. However, one user complained about not being able to click on links in his email after signing up with the website. He also mentioned that the selection of women were not that great either. A woman who had a similar experience said that she knew many of the profiles on the site were fake. "There is no way there are men like that here…" she said. A former member warned, "Scam, fake, stay away!" He claimed that many photos were edited and the people were on cell phones and acting busy.

Now to become a member there are various memberships: 3 day, 1 month, 3 months, and 6 months. Pricing changes sometimes so do sign up with the website to find out recent costs. There is a free trial. During this time, don't be surprised if you are contacted by a fictitious model or bot related to a feature on the site called "Love Stars." The company admits these are used to stimulate dialogue and get users to participate and they have other functions.

Like with many other dating sites, SugarDaddyFinder has unlimited messaging, video chat, flirt tools, mobile access, and you can check to see who viewed your page. There are advanced search options and the site has Smart Match that pairs you with other members.

Although the site is nice to view, easy to navigate and appears it might be okay to try, it would be best to start out with other dating sites that have received numerous favorable reviews.
Browse hottest Profiles is a nice feature. Only Credit Card Payment is possible which also is unprofessional as successful online traders or datig sites offer at least 3-4 payment choices. Another Minus is that in the "Who is online" it revealed Men although we selected Male / Female search! The Imprint refers to Great Britian: Adermatt Entertainment, 13 Front St, Consett, Co Durham, DH8 5AF, United Kingdom.

FINAL RESULT: is a quite modern, stylish, clean and at first astonishing Dating Site. But still we doubt that there are 4 Milllion Users online if you read the complete review above. There is a nice Bonus Section with interesting themes for males (Pick-Up Secrets, increase Manhood etc.) but there is a link error here: ==> And no Professional Website has a dead link !

Be Careful in any case - if you give it a try only take the 3 Day Trial (2.97 $) but don´t forget that they have your Credit Card - Id ;-) GOOD LUCK in any case ! Check out more Reviews here:

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